Thank you for your interest in FREE commissioning your alarm monitoring with TCB Security Elite. We will commission your alarm to our Back to Base Monitoring Station and give your system a general check over for FREE with just a phone call to our office.

Our monitoring centre has been ‘graded’ by ASIAL to Australian Standard 2201.2. This Certification is the highest possible security rating and allows us the ability to monitor Government, Councils, Schools, Financial Institutions and critical infrastructure to name a few.

This in turn, allows us to extend the same quality of monitoring and security to private homes and families, without requiring to enter into a contract or agreement, we only need a month’s notice in writing to cancel your monitoring with us.

Please get in touch to discuss the pricing structure for monitoring your alarm on a daily basis, 7 days per week, 365 days per year using a land line or GPRS unit at the best rate in the market.

Land Line Monitoring: $110 inc GST per quarter.

GPRS Monitoring: $163.90 Single SIM or $254.10 Dual SIM

  • Alarm Activation Responses

    Alarm Activation responses will be determined by the protocols you set, see A & B below.
    Activation responses can also include an internal check at no extra charge.

    A. Call client first to decide on a Patrol Response.
    B. Immediate Dispatch of a Patrol Response Unit.

    In the case of a break in, the Patrol Response Unit will notify Police and Client and wait for Client to arrive.

    Patrol Responses are $65 plus GST per callout and there is an additional cost of $1 per minute after the first initial 20 minutes allocated.

    If you require any further assistance or wish to discuss these options further, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page or calling us on 1300 769 856

  • Land Line vs GPRS

    With NBN currently being rolled out across Victoria changing analogue phone lines to a digital connection, we have found that alarms are having interminent faults that are coming through as random errors and costing you a phone call every time it reports a fault to our Monitoring Station. If you have a GPRS monitored alarm you do not need to worry as it is not using a phone line to communicate with the monitoring control room. Therefore your alarm will not be affected and it will fix those random errors so we can then focus on fixing the real issues with your hardware.

    GPRS is a wireless connection to your alarm system that reduces the risk of intruders disconnecting your alarm system by cutting the outside phone line, with a GPRS monitored alarm, your alarm would go off and alert the Monitoring Station before an intruder could deactivate the alarm.

    SLA can attach a Direct wireless GPRS Unit to most existing security alarms, supplied and installed for $320 inc GST for existing monitored clients.

    Note your monitoring will go from $1 per day to $1.63 (single SIM) – $2.53 (Dual SIM) per day but this will save you money in the long run because you will no longer need the land line rental and will no longer be paying for the phone calls required for our Control Room to communicate with your alarm.

    The choice between single and double SIM depends on the size of the premises and with your insurance company’s requirements. One of your technicians can advise on which would better suit your premises and have you up and running in no time.

    We highly recommend a CCTV to compliment your alarm to further deter break in’s and be able to provide evidence to the police in case of a break in.